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Our Story

In Arce Sitam Quis Occultabit


“ In arce sitam quis occultabit — A city set upon a hill cannot be hid.”

School Motto


To develop young men of sterling character who display excellence in academic, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, moral and co-curricular activities in a safe, caring and disciplined environment that will enable them to graduate with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in a global economy.

Humble Beginnings

Munro College is a boarding school for boys in St ElizabethJamaica. It was founded in 1856 as the Potsdam School (named for the city of Potsdam), a free school for poor boys in St. Elizabeth as stipulated in the will of plantation owners Robert Hugh Munro and Caleb Dickenson.

It was renamed Munro College during World War I as part of the general rejection of German names at the time, though the surrounding Potsdam district was not also renamed.


To provide an enviable and enriching learning environment that facilitates the successful development of intelligent and disciplined students who work can attain the highest levels of achievement in their educational and social pursuits contributing members of the society through the commitment of a well-trained staff and supportive Board and parents.

Who We Are

Munro College takes its name from one of its benefactors and was established in the fashion of the British public school. Several of the boarding houses take the names of other benefactors or illustrious alumni. The campus has its own chapel and magnificent views of the Caribbean sea and Pedro Plains from its perch atop the peak of the Santa Cruz Mountains.[1]

Munro College is currently the only all-boys boarding school in Jamaica.

Our Administration

Dedicated Teachers and Staff